Our advisers, with decades of experience in wealth management, will help you make the best decisions for your personalised project.

The three pillars of our wealth management philosophy

Bespoke solutions

Through our discretionary and advisory mandates, we tailor investment solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.



Independence, efficiency and proactivity in a dynamic environment.



An investment philosophy based on deep-seated convictions.

Our investment

  • Focused on understanding the needs of our clients and achieving their objectives
  • Proactively seeking investments that reflect our clients’ risk tolerance and expected return on investment
  • Flexible and benchmark agnostic
  • A universe of investments covering five asset classes
  • On-going risk monitoring of our clients’ portfolios
  • Transparency and partnership with our clients,
  • An independent, open-architecture approach
  • Collaboration with a number of international experts

Managed portfolios

Bespoke investment

We offer a personalised investment approach, allowing you to define your objectives and asset allocation. We then manage your portfolio accordingly.



Our strategies are available in Swiss francs (CHF), Euros (EUR) and US dollars (USD). For other currencies, we offer tailor-made mandates.



All our mandates are customisable to meet your individual needs. We work with you to create an investment solution that suits you.


Managed-portfolios - Probus Pleion Luxembourg S.A.

Advisory portfolios

We believe that the key to successful investing lies in a strong partnership between investor and advisor. Our approach is simple: we advise you, you decide.

We take time to understand your financial objectives, risk tolerance and investment preferences. We work with you to define an investment strategy that meets your needs and aspirations.

Once we have determined a strategy, we present you with our recommendations. However, the final decision is yours. We are here to provide you with all the information and tools you need to make informed decisions.


Advisory-portfolio - Probus Pleion Luxembourg S.A.

Exclusive access to industry experts

Investment Office - Pleion SA, industry expert

Wealth Management

Strategically navigating your financial journey with our comprehensive wealth management services.

Investment Management

We offer expert wealth management and investment advisory services tailored to secure and grow your financial assets.

Family Office

Using Probus Pleion Luxembourg S.A. as a Family Office means you transfer the management of your financial investments to independent and impartial experts.

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