Wealth Management

Strategically navigating your financial journey with our comprehensive wealth management services.

Investment Management

We offer expert wealth management and investment advisory services tailored to secure and grow your financial assets.

Family Office

Using Probus Pleion Luxembourg S.A. as a Family Office means you transfer the management of your financial investments to independent and impartial experts.

About Probus Pleion Luxembourg S.A.


At Probus Pleion Luxembourg S.A., a member of Probus Pleion Group, we are committed to building lasting partnerships with our clients worldwide.

We believe in the power of continuity and long-term vision to drive success. Our unwavering dedication to excellence has earned us a reputation as a trusted advisor, consistently delivering innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.



A wealth management company based in Luxembourg, we are dedicated to delivering consistent and attractive returns to our investors through our innovative investment strategies. We are firmly convinced that our approach will empower you to fulfill your financial aspirations while mitigating risk.



Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing each client with a bespoke and attentive service.

Guided by our strong principles and comprehensive data analysis, we meticulously craft customised solutions, tailored to your unique requirements. We utilise our deep expertise to skilfully implement these solutions, ensuring the optimal structuring and management of your assets.

What sets us apart

  • A member of the Probus Pleion Group, an international and multi-disciplinary financial group providing integrated services with cutting-edge expertise in wealth management.
  • A holistic and tailor-made approach to provide best in class solutions
  • An Investment Office, working with several independent research institutes, to optimise the proposed solutions
  • Asset management based on strong convictions
  • Our multidisciplinary and international expertise
  • Solid partnership with more than 10 top-rated custodian banks
  • A polyglot group; we offer guidance in multiple languages
  • An IT infrastructure developed for the needs of our business, in constant evolution. Our system allows:
    – Consolidation of multi-custodian portfolios
    – Daily automated and concentrated risk monitoring